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Spanish Islam a History of Moslems in Spain Free Online Islamic e Books Islamicebooks

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Spanish Islam a History of Moslems in Spain

THIS volume presents, for the first time, an English version of a notable work which has remained for half a century the standard authority upon an important and fascinating branch of medieval history.

Notwithstanding an assertion to the contrary which has found its way into several leading works of reference, Reinhart Dozy's Histoire des Musulmans d'Espagne — originally published in 1861 — has never been reprinted, and, having consequently become scarce and costly, is little known except to historical specialists. The reason why no second edition was issued of a book at once so brilliant and so profound will be made apparent in the Biographical Introduction ; it is here only necessary to record the fact. In 1874, however, a German translation of the Histoire was made under the direction of Dr. Wolf Wilhelm, Graf von Baudissin, and this version, to which Dozy contributed some emendations of the original, has frequently been consulted during the preparation of the present volume : a Spanish version (by F. de Castro, late Professor of Spanish History in the University of Seville), pub- lished in 1877, has also occasionally been found useful for purposes of reference.

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I. The Bedawin II. The Prophet III. Rise of the Omayyads IV. YAZfD I V. The Sack of Medina VI. Yemenites and Ma'addites VII. Kharejites and Shi'ites VIII. Kelbites and Kaisites IX. Kelbites and Kaisites (continued) X. The Berbers XI. Syrians and Medinese in Spain XII. SuMAYL IBN HaTIM XIII. 'Abd-er-Rahman's Wanderings XIV. 'Abd-er- Rahman in Spain XV. *Abd-er-Rahman I XVI. *Abd-er-Rahman I (continued)


I. Spain under the Visigoths II. The Conquest III. The Day of the Fosse IV. Hakam I V. 'Abd-er-Rahman II VI. EuLOGius AND Flora 268 VII. The Martyrs of Cordova 278 VIII. Accession of Mohammed 289 IX. Emirate of Mohammed 299 X. The Mountaineers of Regio 308 XI. 'Omar ibn Hafsun 316 XII. Sauwar 324 XIII. The Renegades of Seville 337 XIV. 'Abdallah 349 XV. The Battle of Polei 36 1 XVI. 'Abdallah (continued) 367 XVII. 'Abd-er-Rahman III 381 XVIII. 'Abd-er-Rahman Supreme 393


I. The Fatimids 401 II. Supremacy of 'Abd-er-Rahman III 4l6 III. Fernan Gonzalez 429 IV. Sancho the Fat 440 V. Hakam II 448 VI. Ibn Abi 'Amir 457 Vll. Accession of Hisham II 469 VIII. The Fall of Mus-hafv 478 IX. Almanzor 488 X. Almanzor (continued) 500 XI. Santiago de Compostela 511 XII. Death of Almanzor 522 XIII. Sanchol 534 XIV. Mahdi 547 XV. The Sack of Cordova 556 XVI. The Hammudites 562 XVII. 'Abd-er-Rahman V and Ibn Hazm 574 XVIII. The Fall of the Khalifate 581


I. The Kady of Seville 595 II. Samuel Ha-levi and Ibn 'Abbas 607 III. Abu 'l-Fotuh 617 IV. Malaga 6"22 V. Al-Mu'tadid 628 VI. Al-Mu'tadid {continued) 634 VII. Al-Mu'tadid (continued) 643 VIII. Death of Mu'tadid 654 IX. Mu'tamid and Ibn 'Ammar 662 X. Mu'TAMID 670 XI. The Fall of Ibn 'Ammar 679 XII. Alfonso VI — Battle of Zallaka 69O XIII. YusuF IBN Tashifin 699 XIV. The Rule of the Almoravides 713 XV. Mu'tamid in Exile 728 CHRONOLOGICAL TABLES 737 AUTHORITIES 742 INDEX 749


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