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Islam in China

Nineteen years ago, the writer, in the course of a long overland journey across China, came for the first time into personal contact with the Chinese Moslems. A prolonged visit, one Sabbath day, in company with Mr. John Brock, to a mosque in a city on the borders of the provinces of Honan and Anhwei, gave rise to many reflections con- cerning the followers of Mohammed residing so far away from the prophet's sacred city of Mecca. The first sight of a Moslem place of prayer, so clean and well-kept, in con- trast with the dirty condition of an ordinary Chinese temple; the absence of all images in a land given to idolatry ; the ornamental inscriptions in Arabic in preference to the Chinese character, so honoured by the Confucian scholar ; and the conversation with a Mullah on lines quite other than those generally followed by the ordinary Chinese, could hardly fail to make a lasting impression.

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China and the Arabs till the close of the Omeyide Caliphate 5

China and the Arabs from the rise of the Abbaside Caliphate ......... 25

Some Early Travellers 39

Some Chinese Mohammedan Traditions . . . . 61

Some Monuments ........ 83

An Arabic Inscription ....... 101

The Mosques and Tombs of Canton 109

The Yunnan Rebellions .123

The Tung an Rebellions . . . . . . .147

The Title "Hui Hui" 167


A Visit to a Chinese Mosque . . . . . .183

The Mohammedan Population 193

Personal and Social Conditions ...... 221

Religious Conditions 237

Through Turkish Spectacles ...... 257

The Problem of Evangelisation 273

The Present Urgency 291


1. Chinese Mohammedan Literature ..... 301

2. A Chinese Mohammedan Tract ..... 303

3. Bibliography 307


1. Chronological Index ....... 313

2. General Index 317

3. Biographical Index 325

4. Geographical Index 329


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